Scholarship Foundation Board

The SEANC Scholarship Program awards thousands of dollars in state and district-level scholarships to SEANC members, their spouses and their dependent children to attend technical schools, community colleges, trade schools, junior colleges or four-year universities on a full-time basis. The Scholarship Foundation Board oversees the program and meets in May to judge scholarship applications in all of the categories (financial need, merit and member only). 

Chairman (South Central Region)
Michael Bell (District 61)
910-290-2976 (c)


Doris Greer (District 3)
828-264-3332 (c)

Cynthia S. Crawford (District 2)
828-736-9155 (c)

Henry J. Belada (District 7)
828-413-0427 (c)

Angela Lyght (District 19)
336-978-0799 (c)

Ashley Fenton (District 12)

North Central 
Geneva B. Langston (District 44)
919-605-2024 (c)

Dianne Carter (District 45)
919-604-0796 (c)

Nicole Hunter (District 43)
919-349-0457 (c)

South Central 

Margaret Reader (District 38)
919-272-6486 (c)

Sherry McFeaters (District 39)
919-427-1023 (c)

Patricia Moore (District 67)
814-758-0024 (c)

Percy W. Underdue (District 56)
252-326-5326 (c)

Sherry Dodge
252-944-6022 (c)

Executive Committee
Ross Hailey
919-631-6666 (c)

Administrative Officer
Robert Broome, Executive Director

Staff Liaison
Carri Derrick