Scholarship Foundation Board

The SEANC Scholarship Program awards thousands of dollars in state and district-level scholarships to SEANC members, their spouses and their dependent children to attend technical schools, community colleges, trade schools, junior colleges or four-year universities on a full-time basis. The Scholarship Foundation Board oversees the program and meets in May to judge scholarship applications in all of the categories (financial need, merit and member only).

Chairman: Michael T. Bell, D61 (South Central)

Vice Chairwoman: Angela Lyght, District 19 (Piedmont)

Treasurer: Nicole Hunter, District 43 (North Central)

Secretary: Cynthia S. Crawford, District 2 (West)

Mickey Arthur, District 58
Deborah Fleming, District 70
Patricia Moore, District 67

Doris Weaver Greer, District 3
Rhonda Robinson, District 3

Kim Martin, District 10
Verna Wade, District 12

North Central:
DuBoris Peterkin, District 28
Debra Dunston, District 43

South Central:
Elaine Hall, District 22

Officer Liaison: President Martha Fowler

Staff Liaisons:
Brenda Johnson
Phyllis Byrd