Insurance Board

The Insurance Board is responsible for recommending and promoting SEANC's insurance programs. The chairperson also serves on the SEANC Executive Committee.

Chairwoman: Laura Overstreet District 62 (East)

Janice Smith, District 3
Amy Robinson, District 9

Barbara Pace, District 16
Marilyn Martin, District 10

North Central:
Lynn Stephenson, District 28
Gracie LeSane, District 27

South Central:
Laura Overstreet, District 62
Jakima Hill, District 22

Pam Hailey, District 58
Russell Anderson, District 60

Presidential Appointee: Tracy Webb

Officer Liaison: SEANC General Treasurer Emily Jones

Staff Liaison: C.J. Stephens
work: 919-833-6436; 1-800-222-2758

Secretary: Betty Gautier

Insurance Board of Trustees Bylaws