To contact staff members, please call 919-833-6436 or 800-222-2758. You can also use our Contact Us page.

Executive Director's Office

  • Executive Director – Ardis Watkins
    Ardis Watkins is the Executive Director of the State Employees Association of North Carolina, the South’s largest public worker association, with 46,000 members from all 100 counties in the state. Watkins, an attorney, had worked as a lobbyist and Director of Government Relations for SEANC since January 2001 before moving into her current role in 2020. She worked at the N.C. Department of Labor as the Director of Employment Mediation for eight years prior to joining the SEANC staff. Watkins is a graduate of UNC and the UNC School of Law and is well-known at the North Carolina legislature as a strong voice for state employees and retirees.
  • Executive Assistant/Meetings Planner - Jacque Chatman


  • Director of Operations – Brenda Johnson
  • Executive Assistant/Facility Manager – Phyllis Byrd
  • Receptionist – Jackie Boone

IT Department

  • Senior Data Engineer - Balu Chepuri
  • Jr. IT Specialist - Jamison Rhodes


  • Director of Insurance - CJ Stephens
  • Insurance Specialist – Randy Wall
  • Insurance Specialist – Jan Culbreth
  • Insurance Specialist - Vacant
  • Member Program Specialist - Daisy Stancill


  • Chief Financial Officer – Brenda Williams
  • Senior Accountant – Felicia Edwards
  • Accounting Specialist – Michael Norris
  • Accounting Specialist - Dina Ortez
  • Accounts Receivable Specialist – Gena Hamm

Communications/Public Relations Department

  • Director – Jonathan Owens
  • Communications Specialist – Beth Dew
  • Digital Communications Specialist - Samantha Cline

Government Relations

  • Director of Government Relations – Suzanne Beasley (Twitter: @SuzyBelle211)
  • Lobbyist – Flint Benson (Twitter: @FlintBenson911)
  • Lobbyist - Christopher Hailey Jr.

Member Relations Department

  • Director of Member Relations – Lynn Cote
  • Lead Member Relations Specialist – Carri Derrick
  • Member Relations Specialist – Tamara Bridges
  • Member Relations Specialist - Tony Booe
  • Member Relations Assistant – Pat Evans
  • Member Relations Assistant – Sabrina Williams
  • Lead Member Relations Representative - Felicia Powell
  • Member Relations Representative – Angela Edwards
  • Member Relations Representative – Celia Wilson
  • Member Relations Representative – Antoine Burton
  • Member Relations Representative - Sarah Miller
  • Member Relations Representative - Adam Winebarger
  • Public School Liaison - Brad Langhans

For more information on your district's Member Relations Representative, please call 919-833-6436 or 800-222-2758