Legislative Priorities

SEANC's legislative priorities are determined by you, the members, at district meetings and the annual convention. Convention delegates rank the association's policy platform objectives each year.

SEANC's 2016-2017 Top 10 Policy Platform Objectives

  1. Seek to reestablish a fully paid individual health care benefit equivalent to the current PPO 80/20 in place as of June 30, 2013, for all active qualified and retired state employees.
  2. Request that GA fully fund employee salary compensation prior to considering other appropriations.
  3. Seek cost of living adjustment (COLA) for retired state employees in the amount equal to active state employee pay increases.
  4. SEANC will oppose privatization and downsizing of state government services.
  5. Seek policy change and compliance with laws, policies and regulations governing equitable compensation for career state employees in comparison to current and/or future new compensation offers; and further, petition the The Office of Human Resources to take corrective action when agencies are found to be non- compliant.
  6. Seek to have SEANC continue to fight for base pay raises for state employees in lieu of Bonuses or Bonus Leave.
  7. Oppose legislation that would remove state employees from the protections of the State Human Resources Act.
  8. Seek restoration of the employer's contribution to the Retirement System that will at least match the employee’s contribution.
  9. Seek to provide the state income tax exemption provided through the Bailey Act to all retired state employees.
  10. Seek to reestablish a premium free health care benefit equivalent to the current PPO 80/20 and eliminate Wellness Premium Surcharges for the new PPO 80/20.

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