Planning Committee

The Planning Committee facilitates long-range planning for SEANC, specifically management of a five-year plan relative to SEANC operations. In cooperation with the Executive Committee, the Planning Committee prepares an annual budget proposal for presentation to the Board of Governors to ensure that SEANC operates within a balanced budget. 

Chairwoman: First Vice President Martha Fowler, District 19

***Wayne Fish, District 2
**Leonard Reynolds, District 8
*Cliff Johnson, District 2

***Angela Lyght, District 19
**Wayne Talbert, District 17
*A.D. Hall, District 11

North Central:
***Bruce Garner, District 44
**Wendell Powell, District 41

South Central:

***William Jordan, District 22
**Doug Skinner, District 39
*Vernice Whyms, District 40

***Eddie Brogden, District 58
**Linda Johnson, District 65
*Kathy Merritt, District 59

Staff Liasons:
SEANC Executive Director Robert Broome
SEANC Director of Finance Gwendolyn Kea

*One-Year Term
**Two-Year Term
***Three- Year Term