Audit Committee

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee may assist the President as requested and shall assist the Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in the oversight of all SEANC financial matters at both the state and district levels. The Audit Committee's mission is to protect the fiscal and operational integrity and viability of SEANC.

If you would like to submit a tip to the Audit Committee pertaining to SEANC or SEANC district finances, please email Tips can be submitted anonymously.

Chairwoman: Alicia Simpson-Warren, District 65

Tony Smith, District 5

Linda Rouse Sutton, District 70

Gwyn Wilkes, District 5

Loretta Wynder, District 41

Paula Braswell, District 39

Linda Buckram, District 40

Regina Hill, District 44

Linda Johnson-Spence, District 44

Willard Young, District 42

Diane Carter Leaven, District 39

Nina Griswell, District 68

Officer Liaison: SEANC General Treasurer Stacie Crabtree

Staff Liaison: Brenda Brown

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