Emerging Leaders Committee

The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Council is to recommend to the SEANC President and Board of Governors a course of action on policy platform issues and other issues relevant to active state employees; and to assist in increasing participation of and disseminating information to those employees.

Chairwoman: Tracy Webb, District 42

Vice Chair: Duboris Peterkin, District 28

Presidential Appointee: Kimberly Mckoy, District 25

Immediate Past Chair: Carl Elliott, District 69


Kalla Hughley, District 2

Shenita Martin, District 6

Meia Jones, District 9


Hameeda Jackson, District 10

Pamela Montgomery, District 25

Isaac Rogers, District 17

North Central:

DeVal Hicks, District 28

Stephanie Nmashie, District 42

South Central:

Jakima Hill, District 22

Alina McCray, District 22

Wanda Carlisle, District 22


Doris Uzzell, District 60

Pepita Hargrove, District 57

Angela Moore, District 64

Officer Liaison:
General Treasurer Stacie Crabtree

Staff Liaisons:
Chris Hailey

* designates the member is an alternate