Emerging Leaders Committee

The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Council is to recommend to the SEANC President and Board of Governors a course of action on policy platform issues and other issues relevant to active state employees; and to assist in increasing participation of and disseminating information to those employees.

Chairwoman: Carl Elliott, District 69


Anika Harper, District 2
Nicholas Fowler, District 2
Shenita Martin, District 6


Isaac Rogers, District 17
Shauna Garcia, District 10
Hameeda Jackson, District 10
Sherri McGruder, District 12
Pamela Montgomery, District 25
Tabatha Phillips, District 65
Sandra Worthey, District 13

North Central:

Antoine P. Burton, District 26
Angela K, Thomas, District 41
Tracy Webb, District 42
William Puryear, District 21*

South Central:
Wanda Carlisle, District 40
Alina McCray, District 20
Rashia Norman, District 22

Laranda M. Boone, District 65
Pepita Hargrove, District 57
Angela Moore, District 64
Kiana Price, District 65
Doris A. Uzzell, District 60

Officer Liaison:
SEANC First Vice President Kirk Montgomery
General Treasurer Emily Jones

Staff Liaisons:
Lynn Cote
Felicia Chiambiro

* designates the member is an alternate