Bylaws Advisory Committee

The Bylaws Advisory Committee has the exclusive responsibility of considering all proposals affecting changes in the SEANC Bylaws. This committee also assumes additional duties as may be assigned in connection with the conduct of SEANC elections at the annual SEANC convention. 

Each district Bylaws Advisory Committee Chairperson serves as a voting member of the full Bylaws Advisory Committee when bylaws amendments are presented for a vote. Bylaws approved by the committee are passed on to convention delegation for a vote.

Kim Martin (District 10 Piedmont)

Betty Gautier (District 38)

Committee Members

Joyce Shaw (District 69)

Joe Brown (District 4)

Donna Sexton (District 16)

South Central
Cathy Fields (District 24)

North Central
Tara Minter (District 42)

Officer Liaison
Martha Fowler (First Vice President) 

Staff Liaison
Ardis Watkins