Insurance FAQs

If I retire can I keep my insurance through SEANC?

Yes, the SEANC Insurance Department needs to be notified one month prior to the retirement effective date. A packet will be sent out to explain how to continue your plans.

If I separate employment can I keep my insurance through SEANC?

Some plans are portable and can be kept if the member contacts the SEANC Insurance Department.

If I cancel my membership does it affect my SEANC insurance plans?

If a member cancels membership, he/she is no longer eligible to participate in SEANC's insurance plans.

When I retire how do I pay for my insurance plans?

Members may pay by direct billing where SEANC would send an invoice to remind you when the premium is due. Some members are eligible to have deductions taken from their retirement check, which is a form of payroll deduction.

I'm retired and would like to pay my dues and insurance out of my retirement check.

This feature is available to most retirees. If you retired on disability you can only receive invoices to pay your insurance. Members need to contact the SEANC Insurance Department to change the pay status and sign a form.

How do I apply for insurance plans? Can I get forms and quotes from the SEANC Web site?

Quotes and forms are available on the Web site. Just view the insurance you wish to inquire about.

If I go out on leave of absence, how do I continue paying my insurance premium?

First, members must contact the SEANC Insurance Department with the change of status, and then we can bill members for the insurance premium.

Do we get a dividend from our life insurance plan?

No, we no longer have a plan that provides a dividend.

How do I get a copy of my insurance certificate?

The SEANC Insurance Department can provide copies of the Boston Mutual life insurance and CIGNA AD&D insurance certificates. To receive a copy of a Colonial Insurance or Liberty Mutual policy, members should call the insurance company directly. (Colonial: 800-325-4368 and Liberty Mutual: 800-225-8281). For members participating in the long-term care insurance, you must contact broker Misty Smith by calling 919-359-5260.

What is the process to increase my insurance coverage?

The SEANC office administers plans for term life, accidental death & dismemberment, dental and vision insurance plans. Members should either call or e-mail the insurance department with the requests, at which time the appropriate forms will be mailed to you.

How can I review my current policy? Is it available online?

Policies are not available online. Members must contact the SEANC Insurance Department to review their plans.

Why has my premium increased on my check?

The member must contact the SEANC office to review the plan and discuss the individual policy with a SEANC insurance specialist. Some questions must be answered by the insurance company directly (i.e., Liberty Mutual or Colonial, MetLife Home/Auto and Travelers).

I'm expecting a refund check from a canceled policy. Where will it be mailed?

Refunds are mailed to the member's residence. It is important for members to inform SEANC if they have moved to a new residence to prevent a delay in payment.