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Legislative Priorities

SEANC’s legislative priorities are determined by you, the members, at district meetings and the annual convention. Convention delegates rank the association’s policy platform objectives each year.

SEANC's 2013-2014 Top 10 Policy Platform Objectives (as determined by the 2013 Convention)

    1. Request that the General Assembly fund employee salary compensation prior to considering other appropriations.
    2. Oppose legislation that would remove state employees from the protections of the State Personnel Act.
    3. SEANC will oppose privatization and downsizing of government services.
    4. SEANC supports continuation of a defined benefit retirement plan for current and future state employees.
    5. Seek to have SEANC continue to protect dues deduction options from being deleted from the North Carolina state payroll.
    6. Seek cost of living adjustment (COLA) for retired state employees in the amount equal to active state employee pay increases.
    7. Seek to re-establish a fully paid individual health care benefit equivalent to the current PPO 80/20 in place as of June 30, 2013, for all qualified active and retired state employees.
    8. Seek policy change and compliance with laws, policies and regulations governing equitable compensation for career state employees in comparison to current and/or future new compensation offers; and further, petition The Office of State Human Resources (formerly The Office of State Personnel) to take corrective action when agencies are found to be non-compliant.
    9. Seek legislative change from the North Carolina State Treasurer serving as sole fiduciary of the retirement system.
    10. Seek employer contribution to the retirement system that will at least match the employee’s contribution.

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Need Help with College Expenses?

2014 SEANC Scholarship Program for active SEANC members, their spouses and their dependents
Scholarship applications are available on our website:
(under Member Benefits)

The Scholarship application consist of three categories:

  • Category I: Financial
  • Category II: Merit
  • Category III: Member Only

*Deadline For Applications: April 15th*

Applications for 2014-15 will be available by January 1, 2014. SEANC scholarship applications are available from January to April each year. Completed applications must be sent to your district scholarship chairperson postmarked no later than April 15. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO THE SITE IN ORDER TO ACCESS THE APPLICATIONS. School guidance counselors, contact Beth Dew at (919) 833-6436.

For additional information contact:
Yvette Franklin or Randy Bruton

District 46 Officers


Regina Norman


Blair Isenhower

Past Chairman

Dewey Hamilton

Bylaws/Retirement Committee

Chris Allen

Policy Platform

Cheryl Perry

Audit Chair

Joe Trostel


Mary Little


Sharyn Wilson

Member Discount Chair

Blair Isenhower


Yvette Franklin

Membership Chair

Teresa Hunter

Member Strength Chair

Jeanette Arocho


Yvette Franklin


Cheryl Perry


Yvette Franklin


Linda Wright


Teresa Hunter

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