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Lawmakers introduce bill to privatize DOT ferry services

Despite a mound of evidence to the contrary, including a report last year showing how it would actually be more costly and less efficient in prison maintenance, lawmakers continue to bring up the idea of privatizing vital public services.

This time the target is the Department of Transportation’s ferry services.

With your help, SEANC lobbyists will be advocating against this bill and any attempt to privatize vital public services.

SEANC lobbyists meeting with legislators, advocating for jobs & raises

Two weeks after Gov. Pat McCrory presented the General Assembly with his $21.5 billion spending plan for 2015-16, House budget writers are busy crafting their own proposal. More details will begin to take shape as the April 15 tax filing deadline makes the state's revenue picture clearer.

What is being discussed in the General Assembly right now are the questionable merits of privatization and the lack of efficiency and savings being provided by private vendors.