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Retiree health care a hot topic ahead of budget conference

A week later, details of the Senate’s radical budget plan still dominate the talk in Raleigh. As expected, the House voted unanimously Monday not to concur with the Senate, setting up what will likely be a budget war that will stretch through the summer. Also this week, state media finally took note of a provision tucked away in the Senate’s budget that cuts retiree health care benefits for anyone hired after Jan. 1, 2016.

House votes not to concur on HB495; Senate passes radical budget

SEANC scored a resounding victory on Wednesday when House members stood firmly in support of the integrity of the State Human Resources Act and voted 115-0  not to concur with the Senate’s version of House Bill 495. Then on Thursday, The Senate passed a radical budget that included no across-the-board raises or cost-of-living adjustments.