• JIRDC staff at the shelter.

  • Debbie is giving District 7 Chair Henry a Thank You Award at our Annual Meeting.

  • District 7 at the 2018 SEANC Convntion in Greensboro

  • Scholarships winners with Debbie Chadwick are: Sarah, Debbie, Ralley. Aaron, Jade, Danna

  • JIRDC staff talking to SEANC staff

  • SEANC staff helping JIRDC staff with a free meal.

  • JIRDC staff signing sympathy cards.

  • District7 member and SEANC staff Tiffany taking a break from serving meal. We had to get pizza later that night, we served 400 meal on Oct.26th.

  • Retiree Forum - District 5, 6 and 7 on April 26, 2018 in Morganton.

  • Sheila is giving the bylaws report.

Welcome to District 7

State Employees Association of NC, Districts 5, 6 & 7 will sponsor a forum for all county, state employees and retirees at the Foothills Higher Education Center on (TBA for 2019) at 5:30 next to Zaxby’s in Morganton. Learn about the state health plan, pay, cola, member discounts, bank draft and insurance. SEANC staff from Raleigh will be there. Hope you can be there.

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District 7 is selling the 2020 Attraction Dining and Value Guide Until January 15, 2020 Still $20.00 Money will be used for Scholarships, Membership and other Events. For more information, please contact someone on the Executive Committee.

Please for the past five years now SEANC members and JIRDC staff have been helping Burke United Christian Ministries (BUCM) with cooked turkeys and other food items. Last year we delivered three times in one day with cooked turkeys and food items. If you or your department and home would like to sponsor a cooked turkey, we would be happy to deliver the turkey or help you deliver the turkey to BUCM. Chicken stock and stuffing mix is also needed. Cooking the turkey in a disposable pan would be great. I like to cook one in those disposable turkey bags. It is easy to transport in your car and to take to BUCM. BUCM likes to take a picture of you and the cooked turkey. I have spoken to Todd about an email to the JIRDC staff so this community project can be spread around campus. We will deliver to BUCM on the Nov. 20th, 21st or 22nd. It feels great to help so many people in our community by cooking a turkey or helping donate food for a Thanksgiving meal. That is what we are. Please contact Henry Belada 433-5106 woodchop7@charter.net or Scott McMahan at JIRDC.

District 7 will have a meeting at TBA

Bring a guest... Henry

District 7 also holds a regular drawing for members at our meeting. .

District 7’s Annual Meeting on TBA 2020, maybe at Golden Corral in Morganton, Business Meeting at 5:30. If you like to come please contact us or Henry Belada 828-433-5106 or woodchop7@charter.net

We need you to HELP in our district, let us know.

District 7 Officers


Henry Belada


Vice Chair

Mike Crump


Bylaws Chair

Emily Church

Policy Platform Chair



Luke Boone


Retiree Chair

Gary Harbison

Membership Chair

Scott McMahan

Insurance Chair

Henry Looking for a member, see Henry if interested.

Member Discount Chair

Henry Belada

Scholarship Chair

Debbie Chadwick


Sandra Bristol


Sheila Roberts


Ronnie Fox


Henry Belada


Debbie Chadwick

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