SEANC Strong (1940-Present)

Prior to 1945, a group of individuals, mostly highway and prison employees in western North Carolina, decided they needed representation in the General Assembly. This group unofficially organized an association. During 1945 and 1946 the organization began to take shape, and W.B. Ferguson, a district engineer in Burnsville, took the lead in forming the North Carolina State Employees Association (NCSEA). Various divisions within the fledgling association were organized, and employees of other state departments became involved. Most came from the Employment Security Commission and the State Treasurer’s Office. Early leaders traveled the state, visiting state offices to enlist help and membership. By the end of 1946, approximately 3,600 employees had joined the group and scheduled an organizational convention for January 1947 at the Carolina Hotel in Raleigh. 


  • First-time 20% pay raises for highway and prison employees
  • 5-day work week instituted
  • Creation of State Personnel Department


  • 26% increase in salaries
  • $15 a month pay raise
  • Annual leave days increased
  • 5 holidays added


  • 28% increase in salaries
  • Longevity pay approved
  • 6% pay raise in 1967


  • 50% increase in salaries
  • 30-year retirement and formula increase
  • State Health Plan created
  • Payroll deduction of dues approved
  • NCSGEA awards first scholarship and launches member discount program


  • 60% increase in salaries
  • Longevity pay enhanced
  • NCSEA begins scholarship program
  • Merger of NCSEA and NCSGEA
  • Association adopts SEANC name in 1984


  • 20+% increase in salaries
  • Retirement formula increase from 1.75% to 1.81%
  • EMPAC makes first endorsement
  • Bailey ruling overturns taxation of NC retirees’ pension benefit


  • 20.95% increase in salaries + bonus pay and leave time
  • 20.5% increase in retiree COLAs
  • Sued Gov. Easley over $130 million escrowed retirement funds
  • Secured repayment of escrowed funds
  • State Health Plan maximum increase to $5 million for Indemnity Plan and unlimited for PPOs
  • Elected 3 rank-and-file SEANC members to the General Assembly
  • Moved up in PAC ranking from 276th to 11th
  • Elected long-time SEANC member Bev Perdue as governor
  • Voted to affiliate with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), becoming SEIU Local 2008


  • Nearly 10% compensation increase for employees (salaries + bonus leave time)
  • 2% increase in retiree COLAs and 5.59% increase in state retirement contributions
  • Increased EMPAC membership and bi-partisan influence in gubernatorial and legislative races
  • Investigated the N.C. Teacher and State Employees' Retirement System and the high fees being paid to money managers
  • Filed SEC whistleblower complaints about pay-for-play and other concerns with the TSERS fund

SEANC has had - and continues to have - many success on behalf of state employees' and retirees' pay and benefits. As SEANC continues to grow its political program, increase membership and strengthen partnerships, state employees and retirees can be sure that SEANC is committed to protecting and enhancing their rights and benefits.