Regina Norman

Regina Norman
District 46 Chair (second year as chair)
Counties: Franklin, Wake, Johnson
Occupation: Active, Department of Revenue (DOR) – Processing Assistant

Q1: How did you become involved in SEANC?

I was introduced to SEANC in when I began at DOR around 2003. My sister is also a SEANC member.

Q2: What offices have you held in SEANC? I served as our district’s scholarship chair for several years before accepting my current position as District 46 Chair.

Q3: What has been the most rewarding part of being active in SEANC? SEANC helps state employees and retirees a lot! For example, all the SEANC benefits, legislative advocacy, fighting for us to get pay raises, etc. SEANC is a close-knit family. Our members do not hesitate to help each other out.

Q4: What are your hobbies? I love to read mysteries, thrillers and romance novels. I find it very relaxing.

Q5: Tell us about your family. We are a close-knit, loving family and get together all the time. I have three grown children and one granddaughter.