Prison Reform Committee

The Prison Reform Committee was created after five correctional employees were killed on the job due to understaffing and other issues. This committee monitors the workplace of correctional facilities across North Carolina through listening sessions and surveys with correctional employees. In 2017, the committee revealed and reported some major problems in the correctional facilities to legislators. Those findings led to the state budget to address some of the problems found by SEANC:

  • 4% Salary Increase for all correctional employees
  • $15 million for safety upgrades and equipment
  • $100,000 Death Benefit for all correctional employees
  • Differential Pay for correctional officers who are asked to work at higher custody level

Chairwoman: Deborah D. Harney, District 22

Cynthia A. Hester, District 61

George E. Currie, District 26

Hubert Ray, District 22

Jacquelyn Chatman, District 20

James E. Langston, District 44

James R Pursley, District 5

President Jimmy Davis, District 4

Joe A. Brown, District 4

Patricia L Moore, District 67

Rita L Woods, District 68

Stanley W Drewery, District 67

Vernice A. Whyms, District 40

Wayne Fish, District 2

Wendell L. Powell, District 41

Officer Liaisons:
Lynn Cote
Ardis Watkins