UNC, college employees facing significant challenges

Aug 03, 2020

Without help from the federal government, states are facing large deficits because of lost revenue from the COVID-19 crisis. This will mean cuts in funding for state agencies and possibly lost jobs and furloughs.

Nowhere is this more evident than at our universities, colleges and schools, which are facing significant challenges in reopening as well.

Randy Ramsey, chair of the UNC Board of Governors, has asked the university chancellors to prepare for a “worst-case scenario” by developing plans for a 25% and 50% budget cut. While no one expects such drastic cuts, cuts anywhere close to this magnitude would be devastating to our universities, employees and students and could include furloughs or job cuts.

The SEANC Select Committee on Public Education met last week to discuss some of these challenges and ways for SEANC to help. These challenges are significant and ever-changing as cases of Covid-19 remain high. The committee’s focus is on the health and safety of employees and students along with job security. Balancing these goals will be difficult.

Now we need your help. Earlier this year, SEANC created the SEANC Cares program which is designed to amplify the voice of our members. We encourage our members who work for universities, community colleges, and public schools to share their concerns and ideas by emailing seanccares@seanc.org. You can do this confidentially which will give SEANC valuable information in trying to address your concerns.

We also need you to contact U.S. Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis to tell them to support the HEROES Act, which contains funding for states.