UNC Board announces pay raises for employees

Aug 03, 2018

The UNC Board of Governors has decided how it would dole out the $20 million the General Assembly allocated for pay raises for university employees.

All employees who fall under the State Human Resources Act and received at least “meets expectations” on their recent will receive at least a 2 percent raise. Some employees may receive an additional merit raise of .5 percent. If the employee received “exceeds expectations” they could receive a raise of up to 4.99 percent.

The stipulations are different for employees who are exempt from the SHRA. It’s all a little complicated. Fortunately, SEANC spells the whole thing out in the graphic below. 

Thank you to all the members who helped lobby the board for these much needed raises. Around 10,000 emails were sent to board members in recent months urging them to do the right thing. Your voices were heard!