Tell your legislators to support Clear Pricing for the State Health Plan

Feb 22, 2019

Hospital executives been allowed to hide their costs and overcharge state employees and retirees to pad their profits for too long. State employees are paying eight times what Medicare patients pay for some procedure. 

It's time for transparency in the State Health Plan and cost savings for plan members and taxpayers. It's time for the Clear Pricing Project.

As SEANC Executive Director Robert Broome explains in the video above, at the heart of the Clear Pricing Project (CPP) is "reference-based pricing." Reference-based pricing ties the rate we pay for service to a widely used benchmark and adds a comfortable margin for hospitals to operate. In this case, the State Health Plan will reimburse providers at Medicare rates plus a 77 percent margin.

The CPP will save taxpayers $300 million and put more than $60 million back in the pockets of State Health Plan members every year.

High-paid hospital executives and their legion of lobbyists oppose SEANC’s efforts to shine a light on the true cost of health care. By keeping their costs secret, hospitals continue to pad their profits on the backs of you and your family. 

We need you to reach out to your legislators today to tell them to support Clear Pricing for the State Health Plan.