Tell the governor, your legislators to support hazard pay

Apr 10, 2020

SEANC is the one organization speaking out for hazard pay for state employees on the frontlines.

Bottom line: Anyone who is a mandatory employee and cannot practice social distancing measures should receive hazard pay. We’ve heard from many employees in different agencies who deserve it.

This week, SEANC Executive Director Ardis Watkins asked the House Select Committee on COVID-19 for bipartisan support for hazard pay for state employees who are unable to practice social distancing at work. She sent a letter to Gov. Roy Cooper, Senate Leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore on April 4 on the same issue.

SEANC’s efforts have already made an impact. The Department of Public Safety notified employees this week that they would receive a small raise from existing funding. While it’s a start, it’s not enough. These employees deserve time-and-a-half compensation for the dangers they are facing.

The situation is also dire for DMV workers who continue to work directly with the public. SEANC has spoken up for DMV workers in talks with OSHR, in legislative committees, and in the media. Following SEANC’s concerted efforts, Cooper, Berger and Moore made a bipartisan decision to effectively suspend vehicle inspections until this crisis subsides. More needs to be done to protect these and all other state workers.

We can’t stop now. Governor Cooper and legislative leaders have heard from SEANC. Now they must hear from you. Click below to send them an email asking for support for hazard pay for employees in harm’s way. Be sure to include your personal story as well.


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