Tell Southeastern's board to sign on to the State Health Plan

Aug 02, 2019

Nearly 11,000 State Health Plan members receive care in Robeson County, yet the hospital meant to serve this community is digging in to protect their profits while threatening access to affordable care. This week, SEANC’s executive director Rob Broome called on the board members of Southeastern Health to intervene, do the right thing, and sign the contract with the State Health Plan.

Now, we need you to stand up for your right to fair and transparent care by contacting Southeastern Health's Board to let them know that State Health Plan members are done paying for overpriced care and our State Health Plan is no longer their piggy bank.

Despite the fear tactics of the hospitals, it’s not too late. Treasurer Folwell has reopened the signing window this week for providers to sign on to the Clear Pricing Project. Tell the board to do the right thing by signing the contract and joining the 27,000 providers around the state who have already signed on to secure in-network care for our state’s civil servants.

Kenneth Rust
McDonalds Corp. Pembroke

Cherry Maynor Beasley, PhD

F. Kenneth Biggs
(910) 671-5000

Faye C. Caton
(910) 671-5000

Larry R. Chavis
(910) 521-9707

Daniel E. Cook
(910) 671-5000

Robin Gary Cummings, MD

Katie Davis
(910) 739-8196

Dennis Hempstead

Randall Jones
(910) 671-5000

Wayland B. Lennon III

Duncan Mackie

Alphonzo McRae, Jr
(910) 671-5000

Eva Meekins, D.N.P.
(910) 272-3398

Bo Stone
(910) 671-5000

W.C. Washington
(910) 738-7712