Take action now on your pay raises!

Jun 12, 2019

Budget conferees from the House and Senate are meeting now to work out a compromise on the state budget. This process may be completed by the end of the week, so you must take action now to make your voices heard!

Currently, EVERYTHING is on the table, including your pay raises. The Senate's budget was the first in decades to contain larger raises for state employees than teachers. State employees would receive a 2.5% pay increase each of the next two years under the Senate's proposal -- the largest two-year increase in a decade. 

The House, on the other hand, included a small 1% or $500 raise for state employees in the first year and wants to continue paying teachers much larger raises than state employees. 

The Senate's budget also included supplements for correctional officers who serve in prisons with high vacancy rates and fully funds the health plan and the retirement system.

Active employees, we need you to reach out to your legislators to tell them to side with the Senate's pay plan in this year's budget!

Retirees were forgotten in both chambers' budget proposals. We have to show legislators that retirees are a force in North Carolina and WE MATTER! Lawmakers are working with a surplus of more than $700 million and can afford to give our retirees a 2% one-time bonus for retirees in this budget. 

You can take action easily on the budget by visiting seanc.org/engage.