State Employees Endorse Roy Cooper for Governor

Aug 09, 2016

RALEIGH – The statewide committee of EMPAC, the political arm of the State Employees Association of North Carolina, voted recently to endorse Roy Cooper for Governor of North Carolina.

The endorsement came after the committee’s extensive interviews with both Cooper and his opponent, incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory, which were completed on July 30. 

“Devoting his own life to public service, Roy Cooper understands the issues facing state employees and retirees firsthand,” said EMPAC Statewide Chairman Tony Smith. “Those issues are the same ones facing all working families in North Carolina. He’s an advocate for the middle class who will not work against our members for corporate profits. We proudly stand with him in this election.” 

Cooper, who has served as the state’s Attorney General for the past 15 years, is more than qualified for the position. EMPAC is confident he will be a champion for state employees and retirees in the Governor’s Mansion.

“McCrory had a chance in the most recent state budget debate to stand up for state employees and retirees,” Smith said. “He chose not to, which means another year where our members will fall behind the cost-of-living. It’s time for a change.”

McCrory even singled out SEANC specifically late last year. In an attempt to silence the association, he rescinded an executive order that allowed members to participate in SEANC’s annual convention and granted employees the right to “meet and confer” with agency leadership over issues they see at their workplace.