State employees endorse 14 in legislative primaries

Apr 21, 2022

RALEIGH — The State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC) today announces bipartisan endorsements for legislative candidates in the primary election.

The endorsements are made through SEANC’s Employees Political Action Committee (EMPAC), which is a member-led subsidiary. The bipartisan endorsements in races for the General Assembly are a result of recommendations from SEANC members at the district level. Those recommendations were then confirmed by the statewide committee.

N.C. Senate

District 1 – Bob Steinburg (R)

District 12 – Jim Burgin (R)

District 15 – Jay Chaudhuri (D)

District 23 – Graig Meyer (D)

District 36 – Shirley Randleman (R)

District 37 – Vickie Sawyer (R)

District 50 -- Kevin Corbin (R)

N.C. House

District 26 – Donna McDowell White (R)

District 27 – Michael Wray (D)

District 28 – Larry Strickland (R)

District 33 – Rosa Gill (D)

District 40 – Joe John (D)

District 70 – Pat Hurley (R)

District 89 – Mitchell Setzer (R)