LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: SEANC releases report on understaffing at DHHS facilities

Mar 24, 2023

This week SEANC’s lobbyists distributed a report to legislators on the findings of a recent survey conducted by SEANC’s DHHS Study Committee of employees at DHHS State Operated Facilities.

Political Director Flint Benson explains the report in the video above. The survey found a strong dedication on the part of employees but a lack of investment from the state, which is driving understaffing and pay concerns.

House budget proposal expected this week

The report comes out at a critical time in the budget process. House Speaker Tim Moore stated this week that he plans to unveil the House’s budget proposal on Wednesday.

This week a rumored provision was stated to potentially take control of $300 million from the state retirement system. The measure was proposed by Rep. George Cleveland, who suggested it was for accounting purposes only. However, it is not the first attempt by Rep. Cleveland to pull money that has already been paid out to the Retirement System back to the General Fund.

When alerted, SEANC members sent almost 1,000 emails to House members demanding that this not be included. Since then, SEANC has received assurances that it won't be included in the proposal.

This action proves that SEANC members can directly affect what goes on at the legislature, but you have to BE READY TO ACT. Click below to find your legislators or ensure you receive our email alerts and text messages. And be ready to call or email your legislators to make your voices known.

Senate Bill 254, which would open up state employee personnel files to unnecessary publicity, and Senate Bill 87, which would remove state employees' right to have their association dues and other payments deducted from their paychecks, remain in the Senate Rules Committee and have yet to be calendared.