SEANC pushes for raises for retirees, university, community college and non-certified personnel

Feb 05, 2020

We got another reminder this week that the money is there for the raises, when the Associated Press reported that state revenues have beaten expectations by about $290 million so far this fiscal year. This, coupled with nearly $900 million in surplus collected last fiscal year, means there’s more than enough non-recurring money to give retirees an adequate bonus to help them make ends meet.

Democrats blocked a "mini-budget" bill on educator raises, but the overall budget is still up for consideration.

The legislature is set to return in April ahead of the short session. SEANC will continue to lobby for UNC system, community college and non-certified school personnel to receive the same 5% two-year increases as other state employees, as well as a 2% retiree bonus.

We will also advocate for making those raises retroactive to July 1, 2019, so those employees and retirees will receive the full amount this year.