SEANC, Folwell fighting to stop overbilling of State Health Plan

Nov 30, 2018

As the legislature returned to session this week, hospital lobbyists are working to block State Treasurer Dale Folwell's efforts to save taxpayers, state employees and retirees millions of dollars.

Hospital leaders recently admitted that they are overcharging members of the State Health Plan to subsidize care for the uninsured. As a result, state employees and retirees are paying too much for their health care. 

The State Health Plan Board of Trustees voted unanimously to end this by demanding transparency and tying reimbursement rates to Medicare rates. This will put more than $68 million back in the pockets of state employees and retirees and save taxpayers more than $300 million. 

Some legislators including Rep. Josh Dobson (R-McDowell) are standing with the hospitals, drafting a bill to prevent the Board of Trustees from following through on this plan. Instead, they want to allow hospitals to continue to overcharge plan members, sometimes as much as 900 percent more for procedures. 

SEANC leaders have been outspoken this week in support of Folwell and the board. Executive Director Robert Broome and Government Relations Director Ardis Watkins appeared on talk radio, and stood with the Treasurer in news articles from the Carolina Journal, Business NC and other outlets.

SEANC will continue to stand up for state employees and retirees by pointing out the savings to taxpayers and plan members. We ask that members please be ready to reach out to your legislators to tell them to oppose efforts to stop these much-needed reforms in coming days.