N.C. State announces decreased revenues, furloughs, cuts

Sep 25, 2020

Just as SEANC predicted, the non-faculty employees at our universities are starting to feel the brunt of the impact of the Covid19 pandemic.

N.C. State University announced Thursday that it would start furloughing some employees and reducing the pay and hours of others to cut costs.

The move is a result of its decision to move to online classes for the Fall semester, which has cost $75.4 million in lost revenue from “auxiliary services” – a shortfall of about 61% of its budget. Around 225 employees in receipt-funded positions are expected to be impacted.

Administrators and lawmakers must take steps to ensure the livelihoods and health care of employees – many of whom are from communities of color – are secure during the pandemic. These families must not fall through the cracks through no fault of their own.