Message from Executive Director Ardis Watkins on State Health Plan changes

Jan 04, 2023

Today, State Treasurer Dale Folwell announced that the State Health Plan will switch from longtime administrator Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina to Aetna in 2025.

It's important to remember that this change will not take effect for two years. I have already spoken with representatives of Aetna to let them know we will represent the best interests of our members in this process. We want to help make this transition as smooth as possible.

Our ultimate goal is for our members to continue seeing the doctors they want without incurring a cost increase.

SEANC has worked with the Treasurer's office for the last five years to ensure your premiums and out-of-pocket costs did not increase. As I shared with the Board of Governors at the November meeting, the State Health Plan is now at a crossroads. We are at a point where without drastic changes, members would likely see rising costs in the next three years to keep the Plan solvent.

While this change will save $140 million, it is a drop in the bucket to what is needed. We will only achieve the savings required to keep the State Health Plan affordable to employees, retirees, and their families by fighting for true price transparency and savings on what the Plan pays hospitals. This is the main problem driving up costs for the Plan.

Thank you,

Ardis Watkins
SEANC Executive Director