Letter from Retiree Council Chairman Benny Brigman

Apr 13, 2020

Dear retirees,

It has come to my attention that a group calling itself “Retirees First” is spreading uninformed nonsense and half-truths through social media in order to confuse and frighten state retirees regarding Medicare Advantage plans for 2020.

This group is well-funded, but it is unclear who is funding it. As you know, State Treasurer Dale Folwell has spent his three years in office keeping his promises to us – keeping premiums and costs low with the State Health Plan and wrestling control of the retirement system away from Wall Street. It’s no surprise that he has made rich enemies who are coming for him in this election.

Do not trust this group. Do not share your phone number or email address with them. It is likely that this is just an attempt to get as many state retiree contacts as possible for the upcoming election. Expect your phone and email inbox to flooded with messages as November approaches.

This group’s messaging is intentionally vague. The truth is, the new Medicare Advantage plans will save the State Health Plan AND retirees lots of money. Folwell estimates the plan will save $590 million over the three-year contract. All base plans will be premium-free for retirees and their dependents, and expanded coverage will be around half as expensive as they were in 2019.

Please let other retirees know that this group does not have our interests at heart.

Thank you, Benny Brigman SEANC Retiree Council Chairman