Legislature passes largest two-year pay raise in a decade

Aug 30, 2019

The legislature passed by unanimous vote this week pay raises for most state employees as part of a “mini budgets” workaround to push through important parts of the budget, since a compromise is unlikely.

Most state employees will receive a 5% pay increase over the next two years – 2.5% in each year – as part of the largest two-year raise in a decade. This includes all employees who work for a state agency. In addition to the pay raise, correctional employees at facilities with high vacancy rates will receive a supplement thanks to a bill passed this week.

Gov. Roy Cooper has yet to sign any of the pay raise bills. They will not take effect until he either signs them or lets them pass into law without his signature by not vetoing them within 10 days. Members should click here to email Cooper to tell him you need a raise and he should sign the bills!

If Cooper does not veto the bills, the raises will be retroactive to July and employees should see increases in their September paychecks.

More “mini budgets” are expected after the legislature takes a week off. Chief among these bills will be a plan for raises for non-certified school personnel, UNC System and community college employees and reitrees. SEANC continues to work to ensure that these employees in the education system get the raises they deserve. SEANC also continues to lobby for a 2% bonus for retirees.