Legislature adjourns without passing additional raises, bonuses

Jun 28, 2024

The General Assembly adjourned this week without passing an amended budget with additional raises or bonuses for state employees or retirees.

Legislators did formally authorize the 3% raises already budgeted. Employees will receive this raise starting on July 1.

Though lawmakers left town, the session is still ongoing. They are expected to return in the fall and could reach a compromise on additional spending. Both the House and Senate have passed their budget proposals.

The end of the session wasn't without a few fireworks. In the closing days, SEANC's lobbyists pressed lawmakers to step in to protect employees' voices on the State Health Plan Board of Trustees. Gov. Roy Cooper appointed an exempt employee who is an agency Deputy Director to replace Wayne Fish, a former SEANC president and employee at Craggy Correctional, on the board.

This means there are no rank-and-file employees or teachers on the board now, and you have no voice in decisions on drug coverage, premiums, or any other matters related to the plan.

Thank you to the many members who acted this week when we called on you to contact your legislators regarding this issue. Unfortunately, lawmakers left town without addressing our concerns. We plan to continue to work with them on this problem.

An attempt to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to cap the state income tax rate at 5% failed to get enough support in the House. SEANC opposed this because we are already concerned about the state's ability to adequately fund salaries and public services. This amendment is an unnecessary constraint to the state's ability to tackle the vacancy crisis.