LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: SEANC fighting for better raises, bonuses in Senate budget

May 01, 2023

With the budget process in full swing and several bills of interest to state employees and retirees on the calendar, this week was a busy one at the General Assembly. The looming crossover deadline also contributed to the action. Most bills must pass one of the chambers by the crossover deadline of May 4 (next Thursday) to remain active for the rest of the session.

The SEANC Government Relations team has continued the push for support for pay increases and bonus money in the Senate budget proposal and to maintain the funds from the House proposal for retirees. Word in the halls is that the budget process is still on track, and we should expect the Senate proposal by May 15.

Government Relations Director Suzanne Beasley spoke in opposition to House Bill 410 in committee this week. The bill would change the regulatory statutes to remove the requirement that a person be a state employee or family member of a state employee to join the State Employees' Credit Union (SECU).

SECU was started by a small group of state employees who pooled their money to help one another build a better life. Over its 85 years, SECU has been integral to the financial well-being of countless state employee families. This bill puts that in jeopardy.

The NC Bankers Association and other credit union leaders also opposed the bill, which passed on the House floor 85-25 and now heads to the Senate. SEANC will continue working with the NC Bankers Association to stop the bill.

Senate Bill 321, State Treasurer Dale Folwell's bill on the deweaponization of medical debt, will be heard on the Senate floor Monday after passing the Senate Rules and Senate Health committees. Senate Bill 87, which would eliminate payroll deduction of dues and products for state employees, and Senate Bill 254, which would open up information regarding personnel actions in an employee's personnel file, remain in the Senate Rules Committee and have yet to be calendared for a hearing.