House passes budget with pay raises, bonuses

Aug 13, 2021

The N.C. House of Representatives passed its budget proposal Thursday that improved on the Senate’s plan but still fell short of addressing all the needs of state employees and retirees.

The House budget includes raises and bonuses for state employees as well as a 2% bonus for retirees in both years (see below). It also fully funds the retirement system and State Health Plan.

SEANC was successful in lobbying House budget writers to amend the budget to fund a 3% raise for EHRA non-faculty employees making less than $95,000 per year. These employees were left out of the original proposal completely. We will be working with members of the conference committee to ensure these employees receive at least the 5% raise over two years as other state employees.

The budget dance is not over. Conferees from the Senate and House will now meet to hash out the differences between their two proposals. There are many areas of disagreement between the plans, including -- many of which pertain to state employees and retirees. That compromise budget will then be sent to the governor for his signature.

The whole process is expected to last into September.

A major issue of disagreement between the House and Senate budgets is the reorganization of the Department of Corrections into its own cabinet-level agency. This is a critical change needed to ensure the safety of correctional employees. The Senate budget rightly included the provision to separate corrections from the Department of Public Safety, but the House did not. SEANC has had conversations with both sides about the importance of this change.

SEANC's lobbyists worked with Democrats to offer an amendment to turn the one-time 2% bonus in the House budget into a true recurring 2% COLA, but the amendment was ruled out of order. We will continue to press for a true COLA throughout this process, and we need your help. Please click below to let your legislators know retirees deserve a real raise.