House passes budget, but denies amendments to increase raises

Jun 02, 2017

The N.C. House followed the lead of the Senate this week and rushed through its budget proposal with little debate, passing it just after midnight this morning.

While it is a better budget than the Senate's, with a $1,000 pay raise for state employees and a 1.6% one-time bonus for retirees, it still falls short of addressing the true needs of both groups.

Active employees also get five additional vacation days in the proposal. The days are not bankable, but can be used at any time during their employment.

SEANC worked with Rep. Jonathan Jordan (R-Ashe) to put forth an amendment to give all state employees and teachers the same raises, which would have amounted to $1,220 this year and $2,650 next year. Jordan explained the amendment in a Facebook Live session with SEANC during the floor debate Thursday. But House leaders ruled the amendment out of order, and then voted down an appeal to reconsider it, effectively killing it with no vote.

The House also rejected an amendment to change the 1.6% one-time bonus for retirees into a 2% cost-of-living adjustment, which would be recurring, as well.

House Speaker Tim Moore says that conferees from the House and Senate will begin meeting to hash out differences on Tuesday. The Senate’s budget included a $750 raise and nothing for retirees, so a compromise between those two proposals will likely be the end result.

SEANC will keep you informed on the latest as the conference process develops. Be ready to call and email conferees when they are named to let them know state employees and retirees are counting on them to do the right thing.

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