General Assembly convenes new session, adjourns for two weeks

Jan 17, 2017

The 2017 session of the General Assembly convened for Opening Day festivities on Wednesday – and quickly adjourned after doing little real business beyond swearing in, deciding rules for the session and electing leadership. They plan to return in two weeks, on Jan. 25, to get to work in earnest. 

The break gives us a chance to prepare members for the session with a series of videos focused on SEANC’s role at the legislature. You can watch the first installment below, which gives you some background on what happened last session. Look for more videos on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as in The Scoop. 

We need you to remain engaged during the current session. SEANC President Stanley Drewery has made it a priority to get as many members as possible to contact your legislators at least once this session, be it through a phone call, email or preferably in person.

Come to the legislature and speak to your lawmakers on the need to respect state employees and retirees. SEANC lobbyists will help set up meetings for you and provide you with information to help you have a productive conversation. Also, stay informed. In addition to weekly Legislative Updates in The Scoop, SEANC will also share information as it is available on social media. We also ask that you text “SEANC” to 787753 to opt into our text alerts service. These alerts will tell you when action is needed.