Flurry of activity as GA session end approaches

Jun 15, 2018

SEANC lobbyists were busy this week with several bills as the General Assembly moves toward adjournment by the end of the month. We continue to work with legislators to clear up budget language and ensure that all correctional personnel receive the 4 percent raise. The change passed committee on Thursday, and we anticipate a floor vote soon.

SEANC also spent a considerable amount of time this week on House Bill 969, which would create penalties for inmates who expose themselves in the presence of correctional personnel. The bill makes such actions a Class I felony.

Also this week:

  • The News & Observer wrote Tuesday on non-certified school personnel who will not be included in the new minimum salary increase to $31,200. These employees have been underrepresented at the legislature. Their interests align more with rank-and-file state employees than teachers, yet out of around 45,000, we only have 1,500 as members. This needs to change. SEANC needs more teaching assistants, bus mechanics, cafeteria workers and custodians to join, so we can have the political power to raise the minimum salary for them as well.
  • University system members are stepping to the plate in a big way in the fight for their raises! The state budget appropriated $20 million for raises, but gave the UNC Board of Governors the authority to dole out that money as they please. So far, members have sent more than 7,500 emails urging board members to give rank-and-file university employees the same raises as other state employees. We need to keep it up! Click here to send the board your thoughts.
  • Members at Central Regional Hospital expressed their excitement over the pay raises and minimum salary increase in the state budget Wednesday at a SEANC Employee Appreciation Event. SEANC fed more than 500 workers at the facility, and 105 new members joined! If you would like to have a similar event at your agency, click here.