Budget negotiations stall over spending limit

May 24, 2024

On Thursday, state budget negotiations hit a snag when Sen. Phil Berger announced that talks had stalled over just how much to spend.

Berger said the House wants to spend around $1 billion from the state's reserves in addition to a $987 million revenue surplus over the next two years, including a $188 million surplus to spend this year.

State budgets require lawmakers to decide priorities. Prioritizing reserves over the dire needs of state employees impacts critical public services. Investing in state services and the employees who provide them is the only way to tackle the vacancy crisis plaguing the state. Taxpayers pay 100 percent of their taxes and get 75 percent of services.

Retirees are feeling the squeeze of inflation just like everyone else. Retired state employees helped build North Carolina; their service should not be forgotten. They need to feel some relief in their pocketbooks.

Please continue to contact your legislators. You can use the button below to email your legislators and explain why you need a raise or cost-of-living adjustment in this budget.