Patricia Moore

Patricia Moore District 67
Occupation: Retired. Pamlico Correctional Institution, Lieutenant.
Counties: Pamlico, Craven Carteret and Jones

Q1: How did you become involved in SEANC? When I began working at Pamlico Correctional Institution in 2008, some SEANC information was included in my orientation packet. I became a member for several reasons but mostly because of SEANC’s member benefits. A few years later, Stanley Drewery (the district chair at the time) invited me to the District 67 monthly meeting where I joined the district membership committee.

Q2: What offices have you held in SEANC? I have served as District 67 Chair and Vice Chair several times. I am currently on the Scholarship Foundation Board and a member of the State Prison Reform Committee.

Q3: What has been the most rewarding part of being active in SEANC? I enjoy speaking with new hires and getting them involved in SEANC. Fortunately, even though I retired in 2017, I continue to work part-time at Pamlico Correctional. This connection allows me to speak to new hires at other prisons about all that SEANC has to offer.

Q4: What do you wish everyone knew about SEANC? The benefits and programs. For example, the Purchasing Power program gives those who can’t afford to buy a big item all at once, the opportunity to get what they need when they need it. It is a program I use myself around Christmas and I often share that tip with new members, such as single mothers, who wish to buy Christmas gifts for their children.

Q5: What are your hobbies? As an Italian, I love to cook. I also enjoy golfing and in my spare time I upcycle wine bottles into lights.

Q6: Tell us about your family: My late husband and I were married for 37 years. We have a son and daughter. Our son and his family live in Augusta, Georgia. He works for Nestlé Corporation and his wife works in the Air Force as a linguist. They have two sons and a daughter ranging in age from 13 to 10. Our daughter served in the Marines for 13 years. She currently works as an Extradition Fugitive Officer in Raleigh. She has a 15-year-old son.