2017 Legislative Victories

Each year SEANC advocates for legislative policies as determined by SEANC members during the annual convention held each September.


  • Secured pay increase, longevity pay saved.
  • $1,000 across the board pay raise for all state employees. This equates to around a 2.5-percent increase for the average state employee, and higher for lower paid employees.
  • Three days of bonus leave that can be used at any time, but cannot be paid out at retirement.
  • Secured step pay increases
  • Retained longevity pay
  • A true cost-of-living adjustment for retirees
  • A 1-percent true COLA that will increase pension checks for years to come, rather than a bonus that would only have a one-year impact.

State Health Plan

  • Increased funding for the State Health Plan.
  • Worked with State Treasurer Dale Folwell on State Health Plan reforms resulting in a commitment from the treasurer to hold premiums at current rate with no increases for the next four years.
  • SEANC worked with legislators to secure a 4-percent increase in funding for the plan.

Retirement System

  • Full funding of the retirement system for the seventh year in a row, with an increase in legislative (employer) contribution to 10.78 percent to the Retirement System.

  • Ensured continuation of the defined benefit retirement plan for current and future state retirees despite an attempt by Senate leaders to move new hires to a 401k system.
  • The state is on track to cut more than $100 million in investment fees paid by the retirement system this year thanks to SEANC shining a light on this issue.


  • Brought to light attempted mass privatization in  the  Department of Transportation and stopped any new attempts to cut jobs and privatize more of that department.

Payroll deduction

  • Stopped attempt to take away your right to have SEANC dues and other payments deducted from paychecks.
  • A bill that would have taken away an employee's right to have dues, insurance premiums and PAC donations deducted from their pay checks, passed the Senate, but SEANC was able hold off attempts to pass it in the House.

Worker rights and protections

  • Worked with legislators and monitored bills to ensure that the rights and protections afforded to state employees in the State Human Resources Act remained intact.

Results by the Numbers

  • House bills reviewed by SEANC: 924 
  • Senate bills reviewed by SEANC: 689
  • Committee meetings covered: 564