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SEANC Responds to Gov. McCrory's Budget Proposal

Today Gov. Pat McCrory released his biennium budget proposal for 2015-2017. The proposal contains a pay increase for some, but not all state employees, and no cost-of-living increase for retirees. It is SEANC’s goal to improve these numbers as the budget process continues in the General Assembly. 

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2014-15 Board of Governors

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SEANC Responds to Gov. McCrory's Budget Proposal


Today Gov. Pat McCrory released his biennium budget proposal for 2015-2017. The proposal contains a pay increase for some, but not all state employees, and no cost-of-living increase for retirees. It is SEANC’s goal to improve these numbers as the budget process continues in the General Assembly. 

SEANC members earn DPS Badge of Excellence Awards


Time and time again we hear of state employees and SEANC members who go above and beyond the call of duty and each time we are proud to thank them and help share their stories.

This time we are recognizing six SEANC members whose actions and achievements were honored by the state Department of Public Safety at the first annual Badge of Excellence Awards ceremony in January.

General Assembly puts DOT jobs on the gas tax chopping block


On Thursday, the Senate passed a proposal that would lower the current state gas tax from 37.5 cents per gallon to 35 cents per gallon.

But while that might seem like a good deal for taxpayers in the short-term, it’s a bad deal in the long-term.

According to the bill, SB20, the resulting $33 million loss to the state budget would be paid for by cutting 500 filled and 50 vacant full-time positions from the Department of Transportation – a reduction of about 4 percent of the agency.

Changes made to State Health Plan mean higher premiums for employees, retirees


Members of the State Health Plan will see higher premiums and new wellness surcharges in 2016-17 after the Board of Trustees’ unanimous vote Wednesday, unless the General Assembly can be persuaded to make changes.

The biggest change announced Wednesday from the original proposal presented in January was to the Traditional 70/30 PPO, which had been the premium-free option.

The original proposal for the PPO 70/30 was to establish a $60 premium for active employees and allow them to reduce that to $20 with completion of a wellness surcharge activity.

SEANC finds little to cheer in State of the State address


Gov. Pat McCrory gave his State of the State address Wednesday night, laying out his vision for the General Assembly for the next two years.

In it, the governor had a few encouraging remarks about the need to invest more in infrastructure and in the state’s crime lab. He also mentioned the need to improve the condition of many of the state’s buildings, particularly in Raleigh, and the affect those efforts would have on employee safety.

His only mention of state employees was of those working in the Department of Public Safety, and while SEANC applauds his recognition of the need to invest in corrections officers we also know that ALL state employees deserve a meaningful pay raise.

But then, after that glimmer of understanding, McCrory proceeded to attack state employees on two issues.

SEANC speaks against proposed State Health Plan changes


Higher premiums, the end of the current PPO 70/30 premium-free option, increased wellness surcharges and new wellness activities.

Those were the plan changes for 2016 recommended by State Treasurer Janet Cowell’s staff to the State Health Plan Board of Trustees at the board’s meeting last week - and the changes which SEANC spoke out against.

SEANC advocating against bill to eliminate payroll deductions


After a two-week break to get organized and name committee chairs, the General Assembly session reconvened Wednesday, Jan. 28. And while not much legislating has occurred yet, several bills have been filed – including one by Sen. Ralph Hise (R-Mitchell).

The bill, SB3, would eliminate an employee’s right to voluntarily have SEANC (and other employee association) dues conveniently deducted from his or her paycheck each month. Maintaining these payroll deductions is one of SEANC members’ top 10 legislative priorities, and our lobbyists and staff will be advocating for employees to maintain that right.

SEANC welcomes lawmakers as General Assembly begins


SEANC members and lobbyists descended on the Legislative Building Thursday as the 2015 General Assembly convened for the first time.

But while the General Assembly won’t begin the actual process of legislating until they return on Jan. 28, Opening Day did give SEANC a chance to welcome senators and representatives and remind them of the importance of North Carolina’s vital public services and the people who provide them.

OSHR changes Adverse Weather & Emergency Closing policies


The Office of State Human Resources announced last week the long-awaited update to its Adverse Weather Policy, as well as the creation of a new and separate Emergency Closing Policy.

The key difference is that the Adverse Weather Policy applies only to commute conditions, while the Emergency Closing Policy applies to dangerous workplace conditions.

NC wants you to be a Hazard Hero


Do you look around your workplace every day and see the potential for accidents? Do you go out of your way to make sure you and your co-workers stay safe? Then speak up and be a Hazard Hero!

During his 2014 State of the State address, Gov. Pat McCrory announced one of his top priorities would be reducing the state’s high number of workplace injuries, which in January 2013 averaged 12,000 a year, and the high cost of worker’s compensation claims, which had reached $140 million a year.

Now, says John Bogner, director of the state Office of Human Resources Division of Safety, Health & Workers’ Compensation, they want to get employees in every state agency, every cabinet department and every university, community college and school system even more involved in the effort.

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